A network that unites.

20 - 50% better performance

SVR eliminates tunneling protocols, which significantly increases bandwidth compared to IPSEC.

30% lower costs

A higher usable volume means that the previously targeted bandwidth can be realized more cost-effectively.

Session Smart Routing

The network speaks the language of the applications and can map requirements that depend on them.

Zero Trust Security

Enables the highest level of security for the entire network, certified to PCI, DSS and FIPS.

We believe that traditional infrastructures deserve a new look in order to withstand the high demands of a digital workplace. After 20 years of experience in building, supporting and optimizing global WAN architectures, we have developed NConnect, our answer for reliable site networking. Our managed service offers a customized solution that makes your WAN more powerful, more agile, more secure and at the same time more affordable.

The basic components:

With NConnect, we rely on a unique combination of technologies and services. As a Juniper partner, we have the best access to the most advanced SD-WAN solutions, which we refine with our managed service and 24/7 support. This allows us to succeed in large-scale projects with a multitude of sites with unparalleled ease. 

Juniper 128T licenses

Network platform

100% SD-WAN

Central Conductor at
Netpoint and Azure Cloud

Router (Hardware or VMware)

Zero touch installation

3 Different
Availability options

24 / 7 Service Desk



Line management

Escalation management


"I pay for two MPLS lines but only use one".
"I want to increase service availability and performance"
"I need a cloud integration that is fail-safe"
"I want an overview and more transparency in my network"
"Configuration changes in the network are complicated and take too long"
"My users want more bandwidth"
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And this is how it works:

Existing connections, for example MPLS lines, are extended by additional, parallel connections, thus increasing the performance of the data transfer to a maximum. Software-based routing allows individual applications to be identified and prioritized. In this way, important transfers with a high payload can be transmitted via MPLS and other, less latency-critical data packets can be sent via the parallel existing connections of the public Internet or 5G. The various sites can then access the corresponding data directly via cloud services.

Secure Vector Routing.

Secure Vector Routing enables the network to deliver the way applications and services are delivered with unparalleled ease, security, and scalability. It replaces tunnel-based network overlays and inefficient provisioning systems. 

Session-based routing means that data packets do not have to carry tunnel protocols, but only a session ID, which results in a significantly higher usable volume.

Usable quantity





Managed Hardware.

We offer you NConnect certified routers in three different availability scenarios. This allows you to decide individually and depending on your location which solution is the most suitable for you. Of course, our consultants will advise you in order to find a cost-optimized solution together with you that fits your architecture exactly.

1 Router

Best effort SLA

Replacement delivery after defect in 1-6 days

1 maintenance per month

2 Router

99.5% SLA

Replacement delivery after defect in 1-6 days

3 Router

1 spare router (always on site)

99.5% SLA

News at NConnect:

The fields of application and topics around NConnect are manifold, therefore we regularly publish interesting news, experiences and success stories around our wide range of services. 


The IT infrastructure of the future

The development of IT infrastructures has always been rapid and required enormous flexibility from IT professionals. But hardly any development so far has brought such central changes with it

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