How are SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams related?

Office 365 offers a comprehensive toolset that allows employees in an organization to work on all tasks individually. The creation can be done alone as well as in collaboration with colleagues and external stakeholders, who can work on common documents at the same time. Office 365 is thus a cloud-based software solution that is linked on many levels. Here the question always arises: What is the difference between SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams?


SharePoint helps organizations manage documents and collaborate on files. It is used to share documents with larger groups in different organizational units and provides a central repository to find corporate information. SharePoint can also be used to review and manage workflow approval processes and document publishing.


OneDrive, unlike SharePoint, is a personal file storage in the cloud. It allows file storage for individuals who do not want to share those files with entire groups, teams or company-wide. Since the file storage takes place in the cloud - this saves local storage space.


Teams is the main communication application in many organizations and offers numerous features such as chat, video conferencing, and integrated file editing. As the name suggests, teams can be created there, for example, to work on current projects and to exchange ideas together, especially with regard to the respective team.

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